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Packing Unit:

300g, 150g

Packing Material:


 * Packing Material : Inner box(wood), Outer box(tin-can)


6years old Korean red ginseng roots


For daily efforts to improve health

long-term intake: 12–20 g of red ginseng

short-term intake: 50–60 g of red ginseng 

In a boiling pot, boil down the indicated amount of red ginseng in 0.9 L of water, along with three pieces of jujube and 3 g of ginger, for 2 hr. When the water is reduced to one-third, squeeze out the contents using a cloth. Red ginseng can be boiled down up to three times.

Extract red ginseng for two to three times a day. For children, adjust the amount of dosage according to their age.

Take an individual’s age, gender, physical constitution, and disease/condition into consideration when deciding the amount of intake of red ginseng. When taken with other medicinal herbs, follow the directions of an oriental medical doctor. A better effect is expected when it is regularly taken for a long term.


Store in an air tight container and a dry and cool place without direct rays of the sun.

Shelf life:

10 years after manufacturing date


2000days Korean Red Ginseng refers to a six-year-old red ginseng carefully cultivated for 2,190 days on Korean soil.


* The superiority of Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is considered excellent as it is grown under great farming conditions. The latitude of the farmland of Korean Ginseng is 36–38 N°, and the growth duration is about 1,800 days, which is longer than that of ginseng grown in other countries (1,200–1,300 days), thereby allowing ginseng to be developed sufficiently. As a result, the flesh of the Korean Ginseng is well organized and dense, and has a unique flavor and long-lasting aroma.


* Efficancy of Korean Red Ginseng

It takes about 4–6 years of cultivation under specific climate conditions and high-quality soil to have superior Korean Ginseng. As Korea has such soil and climate condition, Korean Ginseng has been proven to be a miraculous medicine since the early days.



2000 Days Korean Red Ginseng (Cut Ginseng)


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