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Proprietary blend of Cordyceps, Lingzhi, and Royal Jelly formulated to help you enhance your longevity and rejuvenation.


Take control of your mental clarity, energy levels, and overall health with Cordyceps Plus, an all-natural dietary supplement featuring three powerful ingredients -- Cordyceps, Lingzhi, and Royal Jelly.

Are you suffering from a lack of energy and general tiredness?

Do you often feel forgetful, have trouble recalling past events, or have difficulty concentrating?

Do you have high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol levels, diabetes, or a hereditary risk of cancer?

Do suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions?

Treat ALL of these ailments and more with the revolutionary blend of Cordyceps Plus, a safe herbal medicine based on thousands of years of traditional Asian medical practices.

The three primary active ingredients of Cordyceps Plus each support the body in a variety of vital functions. The three carefully selected primary ingredients of Cordyceps Plus are:

  • Cordyceps - First harvested only in the remote Himalayan mountains, this rare mushroom has again and again been clinically proven to strengthen the respiratory system, shrink cancerous tumors, improve energy production, promote restful sleep, lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and enhance the cognitive abilities of the brain. Additionally, the Cordyceps mushroom encourages your body to make more efficient use of nutrients and protein from your regular diet, ensuring you get the necessary building blocks for good health.
  • Lingzhi - Used for centuries by traditional medicine practitioners, Lingzhi is a common but remarkably useful mushroom. The anti-aging qualities of Linghzi promote a well functioning immune system, aid in the fight against diabetes, detoxify the liver, and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol imbalances.
  • Royal Jelly - Produced by honey bees to support the development and supreme longevity of the queen, Royal Jelly can also be used by humans to promote long life, fight cancer, reverse infertility, improve sexual stamina, lower triglyceride levels, and aid in insulin resistance. Experience energy levels like never before with this nutrient-rich all-natural substance!

A daily dose of Cordyceps Plus can effectively eliminate your reliance on pep pills, caffeine, and prescription and over the counter drugs for energy, alertness, and a rapid immune response. Get the results you've been looking for with no harmful chemicals and no dangerous side effects. Cordyceps Plus is the all-natural solution you want to naturally increase energy, fight aging, enhance memory, reduce stress levels, and feel well.




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