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  • Fermented L-type Calcium

L-type calcium is extracted from fermented beets and its absorption level is exceptionally higher than any other type of calcium supplement.

  • Minerals

Eighty-four different essential mineral concentrates extracted from the Great Salt Lake in Utah are filtered, removed of 99% of its salinity, and added to Mineral L-Calcium.

  • Enriched Magnesium

Includes magnesium, which is water soluble and easily ionized for better absorption in the body.

  • Vitamin D3 for Stronger Bones

Includes vitamin D3, which helps the body absorb calcium and aids in strengthening the bones.

  • Convenience

Adding Mineral L-Calcium to rice, soup, or drinking water makes it easy for the whole family
to benefit from calcium. Highly soluble, it does not affect the color or taste of food.

Umeken Mineral L Cal (Small Bottle) - 4.6oz/130g

SKU: 4973839403167

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