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  • Name: BeauMore Accureal - Secret Bikini Illuminator
  • Manufacturer: Bioptik Technology
  • Packaging: 1.7 Fl Oz/50mL
  • Uses: Things that remain hidden deserve more care and attention. Waxing and shaving the bikini line and underarms over time can cause these areas to become sensitive, dry and dark. Beaumore’s Secret Bikini Illuminator will help brighten and smooth out damaged skin with a variety of soothing natural ingredients including mulberry and chamomile. Just in time for summer, use as recommended to feel confident wearing swim suits and tank tops once again!
  • Direction: Use daily on cleansed skin. Massage lightly onto bikini line area/underarm until fully absorbed.
  • Precautions: Avoid eye contact. Rinse with warm water if eye contact occurs. Do not use on infured open wounds, or swollen skin. Stop using product and consult a specialist if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Storage Method: Store in cool, dark place and avoid direct sunlight.


    BeauMore - Secret Bikini Illuminator (1.7 Fl Oz/50mL)

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