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Luna Sakura Whitening Collagen is the perfect blend between the legendary cherry blossom - the symbol of Japan rich in beauty care traditions - and precious nutrients including collagen, willow seeds, rice essence, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. Each small bottle is the quintessence distilled from the research process of Japanese scientists and promises to be an effective treasure on the journey to awaken the whiteness of the skin.


Size: 50ml x 10 Bottles per Box 


Product Features:

🌸Type I collagen (harvested from marine fish)

- Improve skin elasticity

- Reduce the length and depth of wrinkles

🌸Vitamin C

- Tighten pores to help reduce oil

- Fades scars and dark spots caused by acne

- Helps remove dark circles

- Strengthen the body's immune system


- Supports healthy hair and nails

🌸Hyaluronic acid

- Increase skin moisture

- Reduce joint pain

- Supports the production and regeneration of joint cartilage

🌸Yeld seed essence

- Helps fade dark spots and pigmentation

🌸Rice extract rich in amino acids and vitamin E

- Helps to whiten and rosy skin

- Reduce redness or irritation

- Increase skin smoothness


Use 01 bottle every day in the morning after eating

Use the product continuously for 3 months for the best results


Fine Japan LUNA SAKURA WHITENING COLLAGEN - Made In Japan - 10 Bottles/Box

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