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- Made In Japan

- Size: 2.11oz/ 60g

- Harness the rejuvenating power of sleep with BioSign Night Smoothy. This overnight mask is formulated for all skin types to promote a beautiful, youthful glow to your skin. Its light-as-air creamy texture immediately envelopes your skin in ultra-hydrating and soothing moisture.
- Enriched with skin-nourishing plant extracts such as althea root, licorice leaf and honeysuckle promotes a supple, soft and radiant looking skin. The delicate, soothing fragrance surrounds you in tranqulity—a perfect setting for your beauty sleep! Suitable for all skin types.

  • A powerful Night Effector-EX complex (extracts of Althea root, Coltsfoot flower, Angelica and Licorice leaf extracts) works synergistically to support the skin’s rejuvenation process—restoring a visibly smoother, translucent and younger looking appearance.
  • This exclusive combination of herbal extracts was formulated to support skin’s own rejuvenation activity to fight the damaging effects of premature aging.
  • Incorporated into the nightly skincare regimen, BioSign Night Smoothy helps skin to naturally regain the appearance of youthful suppleness and flexibility while enhancing the performance of all other beauty treatments.
  • Formulated to work best when your skin is in recovery mode, Honeysuckle flower extract helps you wake up to softer, firmer and more radiant looking skin.
  • A unique Wrapping Activator formulation creates a thin film on the skin’s surface aiding in deep and steady penetration of active ingredients while providing continuous hydration overnight. Skin’s internal hydration level will be dramatically enhanced, resulting in a supple, youthful complexion.
  • Gentle and soothing aroma of Neroli (oil extracted from the flowers of Bittersweet Orange) and Lavender oil enhances the skin beautifying benefits by calming the senses—for a deep, restful night’s sleep and a glowing, more youthful radiance in the morning.
  • Works as an overnight leave-on sleeping mask to seal in moisture and support skin’s repair and renewal process. Targets a wide range of skin concerns such as dryness, rough texture, redness and deep expression lines, as well as various signs of aging and environmental damage.
  • The light “smoothie-like” emulsion feels pleasant and non-greasy on the skin, making it the perfect treatment for all skin types.

Noevir Biosign Night Smoothly Moisture Treatment - 2.11oz/ 60g

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