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Sugar Free


Pure quality and taste 


This unique recipe draws from our traditional formula but contains no added sugars or preservatives. Enjoy our Sugar-Free Bird Nest Drink and taste its amazing, naturally-occurring sweetness. This is a wonderful alternative to the Original Bird Nest Drink for dieting individuals.  


Guaranteed Quality

HIGHEST INDUSTRY STANDARDS: As the industry leader in quality, Golden Nest holds one of the most selective criteria in shape, color and purity for all of our nests. As a result, less than 30% of the nests we harvest pass the final round of strict examinations.

ALL NATURAL: All of our nests are free of nitrates and harmful chemicals often found in other brands' nest products. Our nests are traditionally hand-cleaned to ensure continued purity and cleanliness for our clients.

HYGIENIC AND CRUELTY-FREE: Our nests come from hygienic, cruelty-free operations in Indonesia, the region best known for its all-natural, high quality farms. Our farms are completely free of the contaminants often found in Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Thai farms.



Golden Nest - Bird's Nest Drink - Sugar Free - 12 bottles x 240ml (8 oz.)


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