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Made In USA. Company: ConfidenceUSA.


A Natural Way to Support Cardiovascular Health and Maintain Healthy Blood Lipid Levels

According to current statistics from the American Heart Association, over 60.8 million Americans suffer from one or more forms of cardiovascular conditions. When those individuals with elevated levels of blood lipids are added, the number of Americans who may be affected approaches 162 million. When it comes to natural food supplements for promoting cardiovascular health, most consumers take into consideration the major concerns such as blood lipids and blood circulation. Confidence USA, Inc. is proud to introduce Super Cross, a powerful natural food supplement that contains the safest and most effective nutrients from Chinese and Western Medicine. Super-Cross helps support normal cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood pressure levels that are already within normal range as well as support blood vessel function and maintain adequate blood flow to and from the heart.


Benefits of Supercross:

  • Supports healthy cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels already within normal range
  • Supports blood flow to the heart
  • Supports normal vasodilation and circulation
  • Has strong antioxidant capabilities
  • Promotes overall cardiovascular and heart health


Main Efficacies & Ingredients of Supercross:

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Gypenoside 95%): Helps to maintain clean and elastic blood vessels, supports healthy blood pressure and blood lipids already within normal range and aids in the maintenance of a strong functioning cardiovascular system. 

Tanshinone (I, II) (from Salvia Miltiorrhiza Extract): Can support normal vasodilation to support circulation and overall cardiovascular function.

Panax Pseudoginseng Extract: Contains concentrated ginsenosides which scientific studies suggest can promote healthy blood flow.  

Hawthorn Leaf Extract: Supports normal platelet aggregation.  Research suggests that hawthorn also helps to maintain a normal healthy heart beat and has antioxidant activities.

Resveratrol Extract: A potent antioxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals in the cardiovascular system and can help support blood flow.

Lycopene Extract (from Tomato): Supports normal platelet aggregation, supports the activity of nitric oxide and neutralizes oxygen free radicals.

Coenzyme Q10: Provides energy to the heart by aiding in the production of ATP. Has strong antioxidant capability within the mitochondria of muscle cells and helps maintain a normal heart beat.

Vitamin E: Provides strong antioxidant protection for the heart and circulatory system.





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