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Umi no Shizuku Premium Fucoidan Liquid

  • Size: 30 bottles/ box - 50mL/Bottle
  • Newest Expiration Date
  • All nature Fucoidan extract from seaweed cultivated in clean ocean, third party tested free from radiation! The only Fucoida formula studied and supported by NPO Reasearch Institude and Kyushu University in Japan
  • Highest Fucoidan amount per capsule, Fucoidan 212.5mg and agaricus mycelium extract 37.5 mg per capsule
  • The only product recommended by Japanese oncologist Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa
  • Support immune system, improve overall health and quality of life



Umi no Shizuku Premium Fucoidan from Japan 30 bottles - 50mL/bottle

$900.00 Regular Price
$874.99Sale Price

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