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White Nests

Excellent taste and simplistic elegance

Often called the "Caviar of the East," white nests are the most popular type of swallow nests. White nests have long been sought after for their simple yet sophisticated flavor. The exquisite taste of the white nest makes it a crowd favorite to this day!


Grade AAA

Grade AAA nests are the highest quality swallow nests available on the market. Only an extremely small fraction of nests are eligible to be categorized as Grade AAA nests. Not only are Grade AAA nests impeccably shaped, they also contain the least amount of natural impurities prior to cleaning.


Guaranteed Quality

HIGHEST INDUSTRY STANDARDS: As the industry leader in quality, Golden Nest holds one of the most selective criteria in shape, color, impurity, and density for all its nests. As a result, less than 30% of the nests we harvest qualify to be sold as Golden Nest products.

ALL NATURAL: All our nests are free of nitrates and harmful chemicals often found in other brands' nest products. All our nests are traditionally hand-cleaned, ensuring continued purity and cleanliness of our customer's nests.

HYGIENIC AND CRUELTY-FREE: Our nests come from hygienic, cruelty-free operations in Indonesia, the region best known for all-natural, high quality farms without the contaminants often present in Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Thai farms.




Golden Nest - White Bird’s Nest AAA – 227 Grams (8 Oz.)

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